Lapeer Dental Centre and Dave Ramsey are here to help during this time of uncertainty and in the long haul!!

This year, it’s been hard to miss the impact that coronavirus has had on our business, community, and country. We get it. We’re right here with you wishing that COVID-19 hadn’t impacted our world the way that it has. 

But now, we won’t sit back. We’re taking the necessary steps to make sure that whatever the future holds, we’re all ready.

That’s where SmartDollar will help. SmartDollar is available to you at no cost—completely free. This online financial wellness program is available 24/7 on any device. Learn the steps you can take to be prepared for the future and how to reach your money goals. SmartDollar’s budgeting tools and resources are designed to help you where you are at. Right now.

Join the SmartDollar program for FREE for the rest of the year!!

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