Lapeer Dental Centre is now requiring online form submission. Each patient, new or returning, must complete both the COVID-19 Questionnaire and our Health History forms. See the links below.

Be sureour health history by clicking Launch below.

All patients are eligible to update their health history online.

Please note that you must have an existing appointment scheduled to view patient forms.

If you are completing this form on a phone, pressing submit may not take you to a new screen. Please only press submit once. Be sure all fields are completed.

All patients are now also required to submit a questionnaire on their COVID-19 exposure prior to arriving for their appointments. 

Use the link below to submit your questionniare. If you have done this for an appointment a couple weeks prior, we do ask that you complete it again. 

Questionnaire must be completed before the patient arrives and again when the patient is being screened at the door.


View our office HIPAA policies by clicking the button below. 

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