Thank you for visiting our COVID-19 information page. Over the last several months, we have been working tirelessly on implementing new protocols and scheduling to allow for the best treatment and care for our patients.  We have studied numerous back to work documents put out by the ADA, MDA, OSHA and CDC and can confidently say we are going to be able to fulfill (and go above and beyond) all your dental needs while being protected and health.

Updated 9/1/2020 we just got brand new air purifiers installed throughout the office! Upon in initial return we were using portable air purifiers. Now, we have several throughout the office that are here to stay. Just another way we are taking steps to protect both patients and staff.

Updated 11/30/20 our office just got yet another upgrade! If you have not been in recently, we now have a beautiful glass door that separates our waiting area from the clinical area. Not only did we make that upgrade, but we also got two brand new furnaces equipped with UV filtration systems. The air you will be breathing in our office is no doubt clean and purified!

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Patient Safety

Please try to stay in your vehicle. If you have a cell phone, call or etxt us at 810-664-4542 when you arrive. We will let you know when you head into the office. If not, please head inside!

Refrain from bringing any extra bodies with you into the office. Anyone over the age of 18 is not permitted to have an additional visitor unless medically necessary.

Before you enter into our office, you will be screened for fever, have your temperature taken,  answer a  COVID-19 questionnaire, and asked to hand sanitize.

Per Executive Order 2020-147, face covering of some sort are to be worn at all times while in our office and not receiving treatment.

Our staff has always been trained on performing a thorough disinfection after each patient. We will be stepping up our game to ensure the cleanest environment for you.

We will be offering in office payments in all forms. Our credit card portal offers a no touch tap system. Should you chose to wait to pay, you can do so once you receive a bill in the mail.

Employee Protection

Our entire staff will be screened each day to ensure no one is running a fever. If a staff member does have a fever, they are unable to return to work until it is clear for 3 days.

The clinical team will be equipped with all the PPE needed to not only keep you safe, but themselves as well. This will include use of all normal PPE along with knee length coats and face shields.

All persons in the building are asked to maintain at least 6 feet between themselves and others. Our office has even staggered our schedule to include different lunch breaks and arrival times for patients and staff. 

Our front office team will also be protected additionally during this time. A sneeze guard has been installed as a barrier. Our front office team may also be wearing masks to ensure everyone’s safety.

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